A prodij in New Caledonia
(picture : Stéphane Lafont)

A bresilian Voltij...
(picture : Ricardo Penteado)

The Minij, a glider for everybody, to fly everywhere
(picture : Denis Wittner)

Two Oceans team, South-Africa
(picture : Eric Arnaud)

F3F Team, from Taïwan



Beautiful movie from Pierre Rondel : first Alliaj HM slim on F3F competition (Fond'Urles - august 2012)

Prodij HM - Pech David

first flights
The Prodij HM :

Mario and his Prodij HM, Pech David, Toulouse
- (Thanks to Frédéric Ravetier for his Youtube movie)

November 2011 : first flights of the prototype

Pierre Rondel - 29.92s

The new F3F french record !

Video of the run of Pierre Rondel with his Alliaj HM, Laurac 9th october 2010.

Thanks to André Bila for his Youtube movie

My Great iMovie !

A camera on a Voltij...
Thanks to Klaus Dietrich, Austria, for his Youtube movie.

Alliaj HM n°2 (1,9 Mo)

Alliaj HM (5 Mo)

First flights of the Alliaj HM :

Jean-Luc Foucher, Laurac, 8 september 2009

Alexis Maréchal, Saint Ferriol, 29 agust 2009 (Movie : Jean-Luc Foucher).


Energy Management : Predators 4 kg...

Andreas Fricke and Alexis Marechal, F3F comp, Saint Ferriol, march 21-22 2009.

Thanks to Pierre Diatta for this video.


SAL at Laurac

First flights
of serial model

Prototype in the garden

Prototype at Pech David
(big size)

Prototype at Pech David

The Coquillaj :

Trampoline or trapeze ? The Coquillaj with 10km/h wind !
(St Ferriol, 19-10-2008 ; 9,6Mo) Movie Hélène Maréchal, editing Eric Arnaud (South Africa), pictures Laurent Vidal and Hélène Maréchal

SAL at Laurac without wind (7,68 Mo)

One of the firsts flies of the serial model - from Laurent Vidal
(Format video DivX, son MP3 Stéréo, 4 minutes, 18 Mo)

Prototype : one of firsts SAL in the garden (1,6 Mo)

1mn37s of aerobatics of the prototype at Pech David (Toulouse), from Arnaud Dujardin - 11/11/07 (12 Mo - with sound)

1mn37s of aerobatics (same video - 5 Mo - without sound)

DS in St Ferriol

During the french F3F championship (may 2007) : Alexis Maréchal with its Miraj special DS.
(Thanks to Florence and Matthieu Mervelet for the video)

Toons : acrobatics (5,8Mg)
Toons : acrobatics (6,0Mg)

Le Creusot 2004 : Alexis acrobatics

Le Creusot 2004 : Andreas Fricke acrobatics

Toon_01 (0,3Mg)

Flight of a Toons prototype

Race : a Prodij versus a car (3Mg)


Diving F3F (2,1Mg)

This video is dedicated to people who hesitates to dive

Minij 01 (3Mg bytes)

The MINIJ in the Pyrenees's montains : quick turns with 4 axis flying...
(from Arnaud Dujardin)

Nuaj 01 (0,8 MgBytes)

A Nuaj just under the clouds : SAL, hand-landing...
(from Arnaud Dujardin)

Bungee 01 (0,7 MBytes)

If you doubt of bungee lauching efficiency, watch this video done with a 700g foamie and a 10m x 10mm bungee ...
(from Arnaud Dujardin)

DivX511 (4 MBytes)

A software to watch the videos (old computers compatible)

PICTURES 1998-2000

miraj13m.jpg (3723 octets)
MIRAJ at La Muella : Pierre Rondel 2nd, Marcel Guwang 4th.
essoraj2m.jpg (5391 octets)
ESSORAJ, a sailplane desgined for dynamic soaring.

Col du Glandon
Teaching lessons by Jean-Philippe.

The name of this glider ended withj a 'j' !
Marcel and its ASW27 ppilots withg 4 axis flying

A nice BBQ organized by Andreas.
Some Mirajs and Prodijs

Foamij, a new race of foam flying fishes (may 1999).
Flight in peace brothers, the Master is watching you.

Le Foamij'kids : the Fokaj, the Desmonj and the Kobuzj (Olivier Aubel's picture & gliders)
The ailerons saw

How to choose between the Voltij and the Minij ?
take both !

Kiss landing with a Minij
Andreas always smilling !

Waiting for evening lift (summer 1998...
Speed and precision landing contest near Rodez (France). Lot of fun under the sun (Marcel 1st, Alexis 2nd).